Maternity clinic

At the maternity clinic, we support the well-being of the mother, the unborn child and the entire family as well as prepare the family for parenting.

The services of the maternity clinic are part of the family centre. The aim of the maternity clinic is to safeguard the normal course of pregnancy, the well-being of the mother, foetus and entire family as well as the safe birth of the child. It is worth booking your first visit to the maternity clinic as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed. Your spouse or support person is always welcome to join the visits to the clinic. During pregnancy, you will meet with a maternity clinic nurse or physician once a month on average. The maternity clinic supports you in matters related to expecting the child and becoming a parent. The maternity clinic also provides you with support for strengthening your relationship, and as you are expecting your first child, you together with the child's other parent will be referred to family coaching organised by the clinic. If you experience problems during pregnancy, a physician or nurse will refer you to the maternity outpatient clinic for further examination. As your pregnancy progresses, you have the opportunity to receive additional visits and special-needs support according to your needs in the form of individual or group appointments in connection with, e.g. gestational diabetes, fear of childbirth, breastfeeding or mental health problems or substance abuse problems. If the parents-to-be are not married to each other, the maternity clinic provides information related to the acknowledgement of parenthood. At the maternity clinic, it is also possible to acknowledge parenthood (previously: acknowledgement of paternity or maternity) and draw up a joint custody agreement under certain conditions.

Conditions for receiving the Service

Maternity clinic services are available to pregnant women and expecting families. These services are covered by primary health care, and they are free of charge and voluntary for clients. The maternity clinic services are based on the Health Care Act (Section 15).

The service is free of charge.

Thoughts on fatherhood

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