Senior info

We find solutions for facilitating the daily lives of the elderly and direct them to the appropriate services.

Counselling for the elderly is intended for the elderly living in Western Uusimaa and their relatives or loved ones. In the counselling service, we will find solutions and alternatives with you to help you lead your everyday life and to support your functional ability. The aim of the counselling service is to promote your well-being and living at home by identifying your service needs and guiding you in receiving them. We will map out the services in the region (public and private services as well as ones provided by organisations) that are most suitable for your situation. We will make an initial assessment of your situation and, if necessary, refer you to a more comprehensive service needs assessment in client guidance for the elderly. You can ask us questions about topics such as: - Problems with housing or finances - Home care services - Transport and running errands - Volunteer work - Informal care support services - Applying for service housing - Services for veterans - Services for people with memory disorders. You can also contact the counselling service if you already receive services for the elderly and need help in using the services, or your situation has changed. You can submit a notification of concern to the counselling service if you are concerned about the well-being of a person who is close to you, and they are unable to seek help themselves or do not understand their need for help.

Conditions for receiving the Service

The elderly themselves, their loved ones or the municipality residents can contact the counselling service for the elderly.

The counselling service is free of charge but calling us by phone incurs a fee (see the call rates below).

Due to staff training, the Senior Info counselling service will be open on Wednesday 27 September from 9.00–11.00, and on Thursday 28 September from 10.00–15.00.