Disability services

We support the independence and initiative of people with disabilities and the opportunities that people with disabilities have for living personal daily lives as equal members of society.
We give you advice in situations where your disability or illness causes difficulties, such as living and moving around.
Kokosimme vammaispalvelujen asiakasmaksut yhteen.
Vammaispalvelujen toimintayksiköiden yhteystiedot (tiedot päivittyvät).

Housing support services

We reimburse our clients for the necessary modifications to their homes, if that is required for the client to be able to live independently at home.
We support independent living with various social welfare services, such as support visits by the housing instructor.
We offer 24-hour service housing for people in need of round-the-clock assistance.
We compensate for necessary household appliances and devices that make daily life easier.
We offer round-the-clock care provided in the home of a trained family care provider.
We offer you short-term round-the-clock care in a housing unit or in your own home.

Personal assistance

We provide necessary personal assistance.

Services that support mobility

We support persons with visual impairment in moving independently and safely.
We reimburse rides that support mobility.

Support for informal care

Support for informal care consists of a fee for the family carer as well as support services.

Daytime activities and employment

We provide meaningful group activities at activity centres.
We offer work activities and support familiarisation with working life.
We organise work activities at ordinary workplaces, for which incentive pay is paid.
We support obtaining work life experience and development of work life skills.

Children and young people with disabilities

We teach sign language and means of communication that support or compensate for speech, and we also provide guidance in using assistive equipment.
We provide early childhood education for children with disabilities, taking into account their special needs.
We offer morning and afternoon care for schoolchildren and students with intellectual disabilities and severe autism.
We offer holiday care for people with intellectual disabilities and severe autism.

Other services

The support person acts as a friend and companion and supports social relationships, among others.
We support self-reliance, professional independence and participation in society with the help of a professional support person.
We support the purchasing of everyday equipment and assist with additional food and clothing expenses.
We provide financial assistance for the purchase of a car to perform day-to-day activities.
We support the everyday life management of persons living with a special neuropsychiatric difficulty.
We assess the need for a rehabilitation plan and physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.
If you are concerned about the life management of your family member, friend, client or someone else you encounter, please submit a notification of concern.