For the elderly

We support the health and well-being of the elderly and find ways of making a meaningful, active, and safe life possible for them.

Here you can find information about the services for the elderly and the ways you can contact us.

The Seniori-Info service of Western Uusimaa supports the elderly and their relatives when they have questions about the well-being and daily lives of the elderly and how they can become clients of a particular service. You can contact the Seniori-Info guidance service by phone or email or with an online contact form.

We at Seniori-Info will work with you to find different solutions and options for living at home and help you enjoy a meaningful daily life. We offer information about different options provided by organisations and companies in your area and we can direct you to the services provided by the wellbeing services county, if needed.

Here you can also find information about the different services for the elderly and about the granting criteria and client fees of the services. You access the services through the Seniori-Info service. If you already have a client relationship, you can contact your service provider directly.

Contact us

Western Uusimaa Senior info:

The telephone service is open on working days at 9–15.

Guidance and client steering

We find solutions for facilitating the daily lives of the elderly and direct them to the appropriate services.
If you are concerned about the life management of your family member, friend, client or someone else you encounter, please leave a notification of concern.
Tarjoamme veteraaneille kotona asumista tukevia palveluja, kuten kotihoitoa sekä veteraanikuntoutusta.
On this page, you will find information about assessing service needs as well as the principles, conditions and criteria for granting social and health care services.

Informal care

Support for informal care consists of a fee for the family carer as well as support services.

Family care

For clients whose functional capacity has reduced, we arrange family care either at their home or at the family carer’s.

Support services for living at home

We provide home-delivered meals in cases where it’s a precondition for coping independently at home.
We reimburse our clients for the necessary modifications to their homes, if it’s required for being able to live there independently.
We help the elderly live independently at home by providing them with assistance in running errands.
We assist our clients with shopping in cases where they aren’t able to do it independently or with the assistance of their relatives.
We provide transport assistance when using public transport is not possible.
We assist our clients with washing and maintaining their hygiene, if necessary.
We provide the elderly with help in cleaning, when they cannot manage it either independently or with the help of a relative or friend.
The safety aid service provides you with help in emergency cases at any time of the day.
We arrange help for doing the laundry in cases where it cannot be done as part of regular home care.

Rehabilitation of the elderly

We lend assistive equipment so that you can improve your functional ability and the ability to cope with daily living.
We support the mobility, functional ability and independent daily living of customers of all ages.
We provide rehabilitation services to those who suffer from an illness or disability.
Home rehabilitation supports and guides you when it has become increasingly difficult to move around or accomplish everyday tasks. 
We support the physical functional capacity and social interaction of the elderly, enabling them to live at home for as long as possible.
We organise short-term institutional care for the duration of the rehabilitation or assessment of the current situation.

Home care

We support living at home when our client’s ability to function is temporarily impaired and their need for care is short term.
We help the elderly live independently at home.
Täältä löydät kotihoidon alueelliset yhteystiedot.
Etäkotihoidolla tarkoitetaan palvelua, jossa kotikäynti suoritetaan videoyhteyden välityksellä.

Health centre and hospital services

We treat and study both sudden and long-term illnesses.
Espoo Hospital is an expert in the care and rehabilitation of the elderly and provides a support service for living at home.
The wards of the Western hospital area focus on elderly care and rehabilitation. The area includes Lohja, Karkkila, Vihti, Siuntio, Raasepori, Inkoo and Hanko.
The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) organises specialised health care for people living in the Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County.
We conduct multi-professional assessments related to ageing, and we organise rehabilitation periods. The geriatric outpatient clinic operates in Espoo.
We mainly examine and treat people over the age of 70 who are concerned about their memory or who are suspected of having memory disorders.
Espoo Hospital has a palliative unit, which is formed by the palliative outpatient clinic, home hospital and end-of-life care and palliative care wards.
We arrange hospital care at home when it is not necessary to stay at the hospital.
We support clients of service housing and home care services by means of a specialised mobile hospital unit. We operate in Espoo and Kauniainen.
We help patients return home from the emergency clinic or inpatient care smoothly and safely.


We arrange planned care periods with the aim of supporting living at home.
We arrange temporary care and treatment for the duration of events, such as the work shifts of the informal carer or relative. 
We arrange temporary housing when living at home is not possible for a definite period of time.
We provide communal rental housing when living at home is no longer possible, but there is also no need for continuous aid.
We arrange institutional care in cases where the elderly cannot get the care they need at home or in sheltered housing.
If it’s not possible to arrange 24-hour care at home or in sheltered housing, we provide institutional care for the elderly through a separate decision.
We organise short-term institutional care for the duration of the rehabilitation or assessment of the current situation.

General social services

Here you can find all the social services of Western Uusimaa.


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